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Coolsculpting Clinic in Glasgow, ScotlandWe were the first clinic to bring Coolsculpting to Glasgow and the West Coast of Scotland; we were also the first Clinic in Scotland to successfully use Coolsculpting to remove excess fat in male breasts, achieving tremendous results.

Suzanne Henderson, Company Director of The Definition Clinic is a Registered General Nurse with several years of experience in the cosmetic field, both surgical and non-surgical. Suzanne is also a fully Certified Coolsculpting Practitioner who treats all of her patients personally.

The Definition Clinic recognises the changing demographics of people having cosmetic surgery. Through increased acceptance and accessibility of cosmetic procedures the public’s expectations of what is achievable have grown. As a result of this, the consultation process is vital to educate potential patients to what is an achievable and realistic result for their body shape. The Definition Clinic ensures that each patient is assessed for suitability and provided with a full consultation prior to undertaking the procedure.

Coolsculpting Certified PracticeContact us now to book your complimentary, no obligation Coolsculpting consultation.