Glasgow Coolsculpting Fat Removal by Zeltiq

what-is-coolsculpting-sliderCoolsculpting by Zeltiq

The Definition Clinic brought Coolsculpting to Glasgow and the West of Scotland. We are now located in Bellshill. Lanarkshire within Lanarkshire Aesthetics Clinic. The new clinic is only 20mts outside of Glasgow City Centre, there is on street parking and a large supermarket car park nearby.

Coolsculpting can treat many parts of the body, see the list below;

Love Handles
Upper Arms
Back Fat
Bra Fat
Man boobs
Small isolated fat pockets missed during liposuction

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is not a weight loss treatment and is not suitable for everyone; you will need to meet our RGN who will advise. The Director, Suzanne Henderson is a Registered General Nurse with several years of experience in surgical and non-surgical procedures. She treats every patient herself and is a fully Certified Coolsculpting Practitioner. Suzanne is known her for honesty with patients, please read the testimonials here.

Beware of fake machines

The Zeltiq Coolsculpting device is FDA Approved, and a CE marked medical device which has been tested and proven safe and effective for the reduction of fat however, this only applies to genuine Zeltiq Coolsculpting devices. Coolsculpting has been subjected to various rigorous clinical trials prior to achieving FDA approval, the Coolsculpting device is the only form of Cryolipolysis and the patent is held by Zeltiq Coolsculpting. If the practice is not on the Zeltiq website, and is offering Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis, you are being misled. Often the devices used are cheap imported copies which have not been subjected to clinical trials or certified safe for intended use. Risks can range from getting no results from the treatment to extreme full thickness burns requiring surgery, an extremely high price to pay for a ridiculously low priced deal.

Some articles can be found online where patients have opted for a cheap option, thinking its Coolsculpting, often being told “It’s just like Coolsculpting but cheaper”. Always ask the practitioner the make and manufacturer of the device and do your research prior to agreeing to treatment, you should never feel pressurised into having the procedure at consultation therefore take time to ensure you are getting what you’re paying for.


The Definition Clinic recognises the changing demographics of people having cosmetic surgery. Through increased acceptance and accessibility of cosmetic procedures the public’s expectations of what is achievable have grown. Because of this, the consultation process is vital to educate potential patients to what is an achievable and realistic result for their body shape. The Definition Clinic ensures that each patient is assessed for suitability and provided with a full consultation prior to undertaking the procedure.

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