Why Choose Coolsculpting?

Reasons to choose Coolsculpting, Lose Stubborn FatCosmetic surgery can be expensive and time consuming. The results are often variable and can’t be guaranteed. As a result consumers are opting to have less invasive procedures to achieve what they perceive to be a more desired look.

So, why have Coolsculpting?


Zeltiq Coolsculpting stands alone as the only non-surgical fat reduction technology using Cryolipolysis that’s FDA cleared in the U.S. and CE marked as a Class IIa medical device. Coolsculpting is the most researched, clinically proven product in its field and has built in safety measures. The Coolsculpting unit operates at a controlled temperature ensuring that damage only occurs to the fat cells, all other cells and tissues are undamaged during the process. No anaesthetic is required therefore removing the possibility of complications associated with anaesthetic, No incisions are necessary therefore eliminating the possibility of infection.


Coolsculpting tackles the areas that diet and exercise just won’t shift, one treatment removes 20 – 40% of fat from the area treated and your body doesn’t replace the fat cells eliminated. Read our patient testimonials to see what our patient’s think of Coolsculpting and their results.

Confidence & Self Esteem

Look good without holding your tummy in or wearing uncomfortable compression garments, remove the lumps and bumps that make you feel self-conscious in fitted clothes.


Reclaim the body you feel comfortable in without starving yourself to achieve it. Looking good can prompt us to make other positive health improvements to our lifestyle.


Walk in walk out treatment, takes 1 hour per area treated during which time you can read, email, watch TV, or simply relax. You can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. 

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