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We are extremely grateful to our patients, who have shared their testimonials and allowed us to use their before and after pictures. In the interest of confidentiality, all names have been removed to protect their identity.

Testimonial 1
`Terrific experience at the Definition Clinic from the moment I arrived. Firstly, the surroundings were beautifully presented and although pristine, the waiting area was both welcoming and comfortable. Suzanne collected me and introduced herself before I was taken promptly (at my designated appointment time) to a lovely surgery where I was free to discuss the procedure in privacy.

Suzanne encouraged me to discuss my thoughts on the Coolsculpting procedure i.e. how I found out about the procedure, what my expectations were etc. My area of concern was a sensitive issue, and not one I had freely discussed with family and friends. The area where I seemed to have accumulated some diet and exercise resistant fat was in the chest area. I am a relatively fit guy, I attend the gym, play squash and football, I eat healthily, don’t smoke and drink only occasionally but no matter what I did the fat pockets in my chest would not reduce.

When my football buddies began to make remarks about my “man boobs” I knew it was time to take action. I looked at surgery, researching liposuction which was freely available locally however, the thought of downtime and scars, however small, along with the risk of infection, mandatory compression garments etc., I knew it wasn’t for me. It was during one of these searches that I came across Coolsculpting.

Suzanne initially explained that she was neither a Doctor nor a Dentist, she was an RGN and Certified Coolsculpting Practitioner, she then gave me a detailed description of the procedure, and what to expect if I went ahead with the treatment. Suzanne then gave her detailed assessment including examination of the treatment area, she then explained that being an RGN did not qualify as a breast specialist, sometimes fat pockets in the chest area contain glands rather than just fat, and if the fat is removed around the gland it can take the shape and appearance of a young female breast. Suzanne went on to explain that the only way to safely treat the area was to have my chest examined and diagnosed by a specialist (breast surgeon) prior to treatment. Suzanne also explained that if there were glands in the area that Coolsculpting would only reduce the fat surrounding the glands and therefore I would not achieve the flat chest I was looking for, meaning that I would be wasting my money and probably require surgery to achieve my desired result.

Although disappointed that I couldn’t begin treatment immediately, I appreciated how thorough Suzanne was during the consultation process, and that she refused to treat me without appropriate documentation from a breast surgeon to clarify if Coolsculpting was an appropriate treatment option. At no point was I pressurised into feeling obliged in any way to go ahead with treatment and Suzanne discussed other options along with some valuable diet and exercise advice, it was so refreshing to have a consultation without feeling that the consultant was just after my money, or wasn’t really listening to me.

A few weeks later, and after securing a written diagnosis from a qualified breast surgeon, I made an appointment to have the Coolsculpting procedure at The Definition Clinic. Suzanne recapped on all the possible risks and side effects prior to beginning the procedure and checked my medical history etc. Although Suzanne had warned me that the procedure can be slightly uncomfortable I’m delighted to say it was a breeze and the results have been outstanding, I would definitely recommend this procedure.

I would also highly recommend The Definition Clinic, Suzanne is a true professional who provides an honest approach to patient care. It’s a real pleasure to meet someone who approaches the possible root causes of the problem and advises on other methods of achieving the result required rather than focusing on securing your money.

I have referred two friends to Suzanne since achieving my results and admittedly they were both overweight, Suzanne refused to treat them both and instead advised some lifestyle, diet and exercise advice appropriate to their circumstances. She also advised one of them to attend his GP for some tests as he had advised her of symptoms he was experiencing, turned out he was diabetic and didn’t know. Both of these friends as a result of their consultations with Suzanne have taken steps to improve their health and fitness levels and are both grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Suzanne.

As said I will happily recommend this Clinic to anyone interested, a very positive experience, thank you Suzanne.

From a very happy Patient’

Testimonial 2

`I worked with Suzanne Henderson in a clinic in Glasgow, not only was she a trusted irreplaceable member of our team she also became a good friend.  The lengths Suzanne would go to for her patients could never be measured. The initial training given to all staff members on the treatment options available where on how to make a patient feel good and confident about themselves and wording the treatment correctly.

As we all know the last thing a woman wants to hear is she needs to loose a few pounds. This is what I loved about working with Suzanne she didn’t see size or shape, she sees the person for who they are what they can become with a little support, she offers is daily on-call support for every patient going through this procedure.

With working so closely with Suzanne and seeing the happiness she was helping patients achieve I soon became very interested in having this treatment done myself, but due to a bad diet and long working hours I was unsuitable at the time. Suzanne was very supportive on helping me with my diet plan and explaining the healthy way the loose some weight before the treatment was an option. Weight is not a comfortable topic for me but it was easy and encouraging to work towards a goal with Suzanne.

I would highly recommend Suzanne not only as a highly skilled clinical providing treatment but as a caring compassionate person Who does her job to the highest of standards.’

Testimonial 3

`I attended The Definition Clinic in January 2016! I had previously done quite a bit of research on fat freezing and during that time I was recommended to make an appointment with Suzanne Henderson!

I had a small pocket of fat around my belly button that seemed totally resistant to exercise and diet! It was driving me potty but I couldn’t shift it despite a healthy lifestyle and lots of exercise! I am a personal trainer also and fat loss is my speciality!!!

Suzanne spent a long time explaining to me the processes involved, possible side effects and realistic expectations of treatment! We agreed that it was a good option for me and we agreed when my first appointment would be! 

I was very impressed with the clinic! Very clean, organised and professional! We did all the paperwork and Suzanne again explained the procedure and made sure I was happy and comfortable! It took just under an hour! It was pain free and just felt a bit strange! Suzanne stayed with me throughout! 

Suzanne was very clear about what I was to do and not do after treatment! I followed her advice to the letter! I began to notice a visible difference about 3 weeks later! Six months on the results are fantastic! The small pocket of fat that I had in the middle of my belly is now banished to the history books! 

I cannot speak highly enough of Suzanne or The Definition Clinic! I thought the price was fantastic compared to surgery as was the reduction in risks! I would recommend Suzanne to anybody with similar issues to mine! Great job!!’

Testimonial 4


Hi Suzanne,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you. Since our consultation I have taken your advice and became more proactive with my health, diet and lifestyle and I must admit it has energised me. Don’t get me wrong there is a long way to go yet but you managed to get me motivated enough to take that first step. As you know,  I was a bit too self-conscious to attend a gym class but I did (as you suggested) bite the bullet and have one session with a personal trainer to assess a safe and effective exercise routine to target my more problem areas. Also as you recommended, I started doing yoga from you tube videos until I felt comfortable with some of the positions. I noticed such a difference to my health and body after a few weeks that I joined a yoga class and I love it. I will also be following your advice and giving Tai Chi a try as it looks great and not too vigorous.

I understand that when I told you that money was no object that you could have just started treatment and continued until I reached my ideal shape but so glad that you encouraged me to get healthy from the inside out. You were right when you said there was no point in looking great but feeling like a couch potato and being so unfit. Even the dog has lost some weight with our 3 walks a day, I have ordered him a rain coat so we can continue in the bad weather and I can practically jog up hills I found difficult to walk up without becoming breathless. You will be glad to hear that I have also substituted the junk food for more fruit and vegetables, and replaced the diet juice with water which I add some fresh lemon or cucumber to flavour.

I have recommended you to a few of my friends and when I get to the point I can no longer remove small stubborn pockets I will be back to see you. Thank you for your honesty and ethical approach to the work that you do, you are a credit to your clinic and your profession.’

Testimonial 5

`I was a bit apprehensive about Coolsculpting and also a little frightened as to how painful it would be. However these feelings were quickly dispelled when I arrived at the clinic and was talked through the procedure. It was completely pain free and probably the most relaxing hour ever. I am delighted with the results and as a mature woman I am happy to wear my bikini.’

Testimonial 6

`I arrived at The Definition Clinic for a Coolsculpting treatment to my lower abdomen. From the minute I arrived I was made to feel at ease. I found the staff to be very friendly & welcoming. The procedure was thoroughly described and all of my questions answered prior to beginning. I felt comfortable throughout the procedure. I have suffered no pain or discomfort since having it done. I began to see a difference 2 weeks after treatment and even more so after 6 weeks. I am delighted with the results I have received and have recommended that my friends visit The Definition Clinic to have this fabulous treatment.’

Testimonial 7

`I was sceptical about Coolsculpting, and I looked into every detail before I had my treatment. I was frustrated with my body. I’m a size 10 and I’m active, but after having children, like most women I struggled with toning my stomach. I even contemplated surgery, but I was too busy and the recovery time didn’t suit my lifestyle, nor am not a big fan of pain. 6 weeks after my Coolsculpting treatment I was in a bikini for the first time since I had my daughter 14 years earlier. It was such a shock when I compared my before and after results. I talk to everyone I know about it because Coolsculpting is the quick, safe painless answer to truly getting rid of that fat bulge that just won’t go.’

Testimonial 8

`I am a 47 year old man with a physical job, noticed that I had developed some fat around my lower Abdomen. Had the Coolsculpting procedure and was really impressed, great result, began to see a difference in around 3 weeks, the advice given was fantastic, I left really happy with the information given. I found this treatment very reasonably priced, considering the result I received without surgery. I asked lots of questions and was very satisfied with the service I was provided with and I would recommend this treatment to everyone.’

Testimonial 9

`I had the Coolsculpting treatment as I had a fatty area around my waist that I could not seem to shift with diet and exercise. I would never have liposuction and was not impressed by other treatment options available. After a bit of research I decided to give Coolsculpting a try, the before and after pictures looked impressive and I knew someone who had the treatment and got an amazing result so I gave it a try.

It felt a bit weird for the first 10 minutes but then I didn’t feel anything, the treatment lasted an hour, during which I was told everything that I might experience afterwards. The nurse who carried out the treatment was very friendly and approachable; she stayed with me throughout the treatment and answered all of my questions. For the first couple of days I had a slight swelling in the area but I had been informed that this was normal, 1 week after the treatment I experienced a few niggles but nothing unbearable. At 2 weeks I began to notice that my tummy was flatter, and by week 3 I had the a fantastic result, I now feel and look better in my clothes, and no longer walk around holding my tummy in or have to wear uncomfortable underwear to look flat and smooth in my clothes.

Coolsculpting surpassed my expectations and I have recommended it to all my friends, a great treatment that delivers the desired result, well worth the money.’

Testimonial 10

`I heard about Coolsculpting from a friend, I did some research then went for a consultation. I must admit I had no idea that I would get such an amazing result, my clothes fit so much better without the annoying bulge that sat on my waist band. My confidence has also improved and I have never looked back, at last I am happy with my shape thanks to Coolsculpting.’

Testimonial 11

`I have spent a small fortune on various weight loss programmes and treatments that promised to remove the pouch I had been unable to shift after having my children. I read about Coolsculpting in a magazine and thought it would be another one of these fads that wouldn’t deliver the results and I have to admit I was all set for another disappointment. I am delighted to say with Coolsculpting I have found a treatment that actually works and my results are great. No more mummy pouch, this is a treatment that delivers and I would strongly recommend it to everyone.’

Testimonial 12

`I had Coolsculpting to my stomach and love handles and the difference is undeniable. At first I had decided that I wouldn’t tell anyone that I had the treatment but everyone commented on how good I looked that I have raved about this treatment. I now recommend The Definition Clinic and Coolsculpting to everyone I know will benefit from this amazing treatment.’

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